AI, Data Coverage, Technology August 3, 2022

Opaque ESG ratings are no longer satisfying investors, regulators and corporate leaders

In a recent report, The Forrester New Wave™: ESG Ratings, Data, And Analytics, Q3 2022, the independent research firm outlines that “Opaque ESG ratings are no longer satisfying investors, regulators, and corporate leaders.” Yet, “At the same time, leading providers in the space are making real strides to surface raw data that more sophisticated users […]

Limited Data
Regulatory Compliance August 5, 2022 Luis Angolotti and Serhat Öngen

The EU Taxonomy’s Data Hierarchy: Decoding Reported, Equivalent and Estimated Data

Together, the EU Taxonomy and SFDR regulations create rules for how financial market participants (mainly asset managers) have to disclose sustainability-related information. For example, asset managers offering financial products that promote environmental characteristics (Article 8) or objectives (Article 9) have to disclose how their p...

Product Updates July 26, 2022 Carlos Pérez, Carmen Boulet, Dominik Freidorfer

Data Transparency: Companies Can Understand ESG Scores and Easily Track and Benchmark ESG Metrics with Tech

Companies are facing an increasing need to highlight and measure their environmental and social activities. Investors, lenders, and regulators are increasing pressure and demanding disclosure of structured and fully transparent non-financial information. McKinsey notes: “As evidence mounts that the financial performance of companies cor...

Climate June 7, 2022 Andrés Olivares, Henry (Chun-Yu) Lin

Direct Air Capture (DAC) Programs Are Only a (Small) Part of the Carbon Emissions Solution

Direct air capture (DAC) technologies extract CO2 directly from the atmosphere. The CO2 can be permanently stored in deep geological formations (thereby achieving negative emissions or carbon removal) or it can be used, for example in food processing or combined with hydrogen to produce synthetic fuels. There are currently 19 DAC plants o...

Gender Equality, Governance June 7, 2022 Andrés Olivares, Henry (Chun-Yu) Lin

Boards of Directors Worldwide Are Still Heavily Skewed Towards Having a High Percentage of Male Members

In the corporate world of publicly traded companies, Boards of Directors have traditionally had a much higher percentage of male members vs. female members.  There has been increased focus on ensuring better gender diversity on Boards over the past few decades. However, our data tells us that there is more work to be done on […]

Regulatory Compliance April 11, 2022 Rodolphe Bocquet, Mikel Alvarez

Three Reasons Why MiFID II Opens A New Paradigm For Sustainable Investment

An extension to MiFID II, which will come into force on August 2, 2022, is one of the key components of the comprehensive European Commission’s sustainable finance regulatory agenda, alongside SFDR, EU Taxonomy and CSRD. Among a host of new MiFID II requirements is one major change – distributors and financial advisers must incorporat...

Exclusive Green Funds
Regulatory Compliance March 17, 2022 Patricia Pina, Rodolphe Bocquet, Carmen Boulet, Luis Angolotti, Javier Rodriguez

EU Taxonomy: Using Tech to Analyze “Green” Fund Performance

In today’s sustainable investment markets, a growing cadre of emerging finance taxonomies aim to clarify what it means to be sustainable. As a common classification system for sustainable economic activities, the EU taxonomy is a pioneer in the field and will be instrumental in achieving the emissions reduction and mitigation goals of t...