Webinar: Building Sustainability Credentials — Can AI End Greenwashing?

AI March 7, 2024 Monika Freyman. (Addenda Capital), Ángel Agudo (Clarity AI)

Webinar series with CFA Institute: Three Big Challenges at the Heart of Sustainable Investing

In the second of three webinar in this series, the risk of greenwashing in sustainable investing is discussed. What is it and why is it still prevalent? With heightened public scrutiny, especially in the European and North American markets, how can asset managers and other industry participants mitigate greenwashing?

In this webinar, Ángel Agudo, Board Director and Head of Product at Clarity AI and Monika Freyman, Vice President of Sustainable Investing at Addenda Capital, discuss if a data-driven approach can help investment firms effectively assess the integrity of companies’ sustainability claims and if AI can be part of the solution.

Moderated by Nicole Gehrig, Director, Global Industry Standards, CFA Institute.

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