Risk Modules

  • Industry Consensus ESG Risk

    Enables customization of insights or methodologies and comparison to internationally recognized benchmarks

  • ESG Impact

    Corporate Controversies

    Performs negative screening of investment portfolios and highlights companies to engage with to improve alignment with global norms

  • Impact Highlights

    Exposure Screens

    Enables screening of publicly traded companies involved in activities that may not be aligned with client or stakeholder mandates on values or beliefs

Industry Consensus ESG Risk

Science-based methodologies on Risk informed by international standards (SASB) with the ability to customize to incorporate your own views

  • Full granularity allows transparency to understand the underlying information of every single score and access to the raw data for every metric, which then allows for customization at the most granular level (i.e., the ESG Module allows you to easily view and analyze the underlying data)
  • Portfolio Analysis with full visibility of the underlying companies and securities
  • Industry consensus methodology for full transparency on scoring for assessment of ESG-related financial materiality

Corporate Controversies

Tracking of more than 100,000 news articles every day from more than 30,000 sources to ensure that you know the companies you invest in are not embroiled in scandal

  • Portfolio maintenance: Monitor your sustainability risks at the company-level and understand the incidents driving each controversy
  • Comprehensive market scanning for subjects: Every controversial subject is covered; Clarity AI’s classification system contains 39 topics included in the ESG framework to ensure that no conflict is left out
  • Severity assessment: Leveraging Clarity AI proprietary Natural Language Processing algorithms, controversies are assigned a severity score to help you assess how serious the controversy is related to the company you are invested in

Exposure Screens

Identify publicly traded companies involved in activities such as coal-fired power generation, production of controversial weapons, participation in gambling products, or those that violate religious-beliefs' screening mandates.

  • Largest coverage: Clarity AI offers a granular classification of exposures divided in 19 high level subjects, and 50 sub-topics. Our Exposure Screens universe is composed of global stock issuers, covering more than 40,000 companies
  • Exposure categorizations and details: Not all corporate involvement levels are equally relevant. At Clarity AI, we generate two separate categories, allowing investors to differentiate between direct and indirect involvement of the company in question
  • Full granularity: Clarity AI structures our exposures data in 5 buckets, representing the minimum and maximum percentages of company revenue exposed to the subject, which allows investors to set their preferred screen threshold

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