Climate Modules

  • Carbon Emissions: Scores and Footprint

    Evaluate scores for Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions of reporting and non-reporting companies and metrics to report the carbon footprint of your portfolio

  • Impact Highlights

    Net Zero

    Investigate metrics to assess companies’ alignment with Net Zero frameworks, looking at criteria including targets and temperature alignment

  • ESG Impact

    Climate Impact On Returns

    Analyzes the potential impact of physical and transition risks on investment returns

  • ESG Impact

    TCFD Reporting

    Report portfolio footprint and climate-related risks and opportunities, based on TCFD recommendations across governance, strategy, risk management, and metrics and targets

Carbon Footprint & Scores

View and benchmark your carbon footprint with TCFD-recommended metrics

  • Market-leading coverage, including CDP world’s largest self-reported environmental dataset
  • Reliability algorithm to assess the quality of reported corporate Scope 3 data in different dimensions
  • Proprietary machine learning algorithms to estimate Scope 3 emissions, resulting in a reduced variability

Net Zero

Accurate and actionable insights from a fully automated solution to meet your Net Zero targets. Clarity AI covers the main standards used by 90% of asset managers

  • Set initial targets with our full coverage of targets by CDP and SBTi
  • Monitor your portfolio
    Track overall portfolio alignment with Net Zero and the Paris Agreement
    Spot the top/ worst contributors to engage with them and adjust portfolios accordingly
  • Easily report on your progress at the end of the year with accurate data
  • Screen companies based on their Net Zero alignment
  • Prepare stakeholder engagement strategies based on comprehensive Net Zero dataset

Climate Impact on Returns

Identify climate risks and opportunities based on their potential impact on your returns

  • Comprehensive approach to scenario modelling, that captures a wider array of risks
  • Climate scenario analysis fully compliant with TCFD and ISSB disclosure requirements
  • Automated solution, to understand the potential impact on returns at a glance


Quickly develop TCFD-aligned disclosures with Clarity AI’s TCFD solution

  • Full breadth of quantitative data, required to report in line with TCFD, including physical and transition risks
  • Coverage of 30k+ companies, including main indexes
  • Fully automated: all climate-related metrics in one single solution, cutting out manual work

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