Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR)

Leverage Clarity AI’s cloud-based, customizable ESG Risk, Sustainability & Impact reporting tool to comply with SFDR requirements

  • Access the broadest coverage across 16 mandatory and 29 optional Principal Adverse Impact indicators for more than 50,000 companies (2-3x more than alternatives)
  • Leverage portfolio aggregation for multi-asset and look-through capabilities with market-leading coverage of more than 320,000 funds
  • Simplify reporting by generating and accessing a compliance-ready report in one click

EU Taxonomy

Assess activities against three criteria: Make substantial contribution to one environmental objective, Do No Significant Harm (DNSH) to the other objectives, and meet minimum Social Safeguards

  • Access market-leading coverage with a database with more than 40,000 companies that maps company revenues to more than 1,500 economic activities
  • Leverage a ready-to-use, one-stop-shop technology platform for taxonomy alignment that integrates and automatically processes and combines multiple, disparate sources of information, such as ESG data and company news
  • Map DNSH and Social Safeguards requirements with reported company data, expanded by Clarity AI’s proprietary Natural-Language-Processing-powered Controversies module, which scans and analyzes more than 100,000 news articles from more than 30,000 sources per day


Leverage market-leading SFDR and EU Taxonomy data to match your product offerings with your clients’ sustainability preferences

  • Sustainability expertise: Ask for recommendations to build your sustainability assessment and the thresholds to classify your securities
  • Classify your whole securities universe, including funds, equities and fixed income securities
  • End-to-end solution seamlessly integrated into your workflow

TCFD: Assess the Alignment of Your Portfolio

Clarity AI's proprietary TCFD module leverages CDP data to assess implementation of the 11 TCFD recommendations in your portfolios to support your engagement and investment decisions

Score range component

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