Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR)

Leverage Clarity AI’s cloud-based, customizable ESG Risk, Sustainability & Impact reporting tool to comply with SFDR requirements

  • Access the broadest coverage across 16 mandatory and 29 optional Principal Adverse Impact indicators for more than 50,000 companies (2-3x more than alternatives)
  • Leverage portfolio aggregation for multi-asset and look-through capabilities with market-leading coverage of more than 320,000 funds
  • Simplify reporting by generating and accessing a compliance-ready report in one click

EU Taxonomy

Assess activities against three criteria: Make substantial contribution to one environmental objective, Do No Significant Harm (DNSH) to the other objectives, and meet minimum Social Safeguards

  • Access market-leading coverage with a database with more than 40,000 companies that maps company revenues to more than 1,500 economic activities
  • Leverage a ready-to-use, one-stop-shop technology platform for taxonomy alignment that integrates and automatically processes and combines multiple, disparate sources of information, such as ESG data and company news
  • Map DNSH and Social Safeguards requirements with reported company data, expanded by Clarity AI’s proprietary Natural-Language-Processing-powered Controversies module, which scans and analyzes more than 100,000 news articles from more than 30,000 sources per day


Leverage market-leading SFDR and EU Taxonomy data to match your product offerings with your clients’ sustainability preferences

  • Sustainability expertise: Ask for recommendations to build your sustainability assessment and the thresholds to classify your securities
  • Classify your whole securities universe, including funds, equities and fixed income securities
  • End-to-end solution seamlessly integrated into your workflow

TCFD Reporting: Comply with TCFD-aligned disclosures

Quickly develop TCFD-aligned disclosures with Clarity AI’s TCFD solution

  • Full breadth of quantitative data, required to report in line with TCFD, including physical and transition risks
  • Coverage of 30k+ companies, including main indexes
  • Fully automated: all climate-related metrics in one single solution, cutting out manual work

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