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Hundreds of quantitative and qualitative indicators to choose across environmental, social or governance pillars. Explore our full suite of data solutions.


Clarity AI’s ESG Indicator List:

GHG EmissionsGHG Emissions

Water PollutionWater Pollution




Explore Thematic Templates

Identify the most relevant indicators for specific data needs, based on topic themes

Industry Leading Quality - Make ESG Investment Decisions with Confidence


ESG and Sustainability Data Collection Process

Each data point is compared with the value of a third party provider when available, and independently checked by up to four different people.


Reliability Algorithm

An ML algorithm allows us to  identify values that do not meet the expectations for a particular company based on many features and their non-linear relationships.


Validation Process

An independent team of  ESG and sustainability data experts validates each version of our dataset, and connects with issuers to adjust and understand inconsistencies.

Track Datapoints to the Source

A spotlight on transparency

Our leading metadata allows users to understand the ESG and sustainability data sources, where available, to gain confidence. 

Some of our features include: 

  • Link to report and page where a datapoint was disclosed
  • Identification of the type of disclosure (reported, estimated…)
  • Date of the disclosure
  • Name of the ESG data provider

Market Leading Coverage

Ensure an exhaustive analysis with data for 40,000+ issuers

Over 40,000 issuers, up to 3x more than the average of the market. As a principle we collect every company that reports, and expand our coverage with AI estimations.
We cover over 98% of MSCI ACWI IMI, 99% of S&P 500, 98% of STOXX Europe 600 and TOPIX and 94% of Russell 2000 with at least 8 of the most relevant ESG indicators.

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