Climate Modules

Carbon Emissions

Evaluate scores for Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions of reporting and non-reporting companies and metrics to report the carbon footprint of your portfolio

Impact Highlights

Net Zero

Investigate scores to assess companies’ alignment with the Paris Agreement on Climate Change and Net Zero initiatives. 

ESG Impact

TCFD Alignment

Measure companies’ alignment with each of the 11 TCFD recommendations across governance, strategy, risk management, and metrics and targets

Assess and Minimize Carbon Emissions in Portfolios

Scores to verify that portfolios will have lower current and future carbon intensity across downstream and upstream emissions with market-leading coverage of companies across scopes 1 and 2, and 3

Current emission intensity

portfolio Score Portfolio
benchmark score Benchmark

Committed emission intensity by 2025 and 2030

portfolio score Portfolio
benchmark score Benchmark

Committed reduction effort by 2025 and 2030

portfolio score Portfolio
benchmark score Benchmark
Benchmarks include internationally recognized indexes and other portfolios

Report the Carbon Footprint of Investment Portfolios

Four different metrics (based on TCFD) to comply with GHG emissions and carbon footprint disclosure requirements for SFDR, TCFD and other local regulations

Weighted Average Carbon Intensity

Portfolio Financed Emissions / USD Millions Invested

Portfolio Financed Emissions

Portfolio Carbon Intensity

Accelerate Net Zero

Accurate and actionable insights from a fully automated solution to meet your Net Zero targets. Clarity AI covers the main standards used by 90% of asset managers.

  • Set initial targets with our full coverage of targets by CDP and SBTi
  • Monitor your portfolio
    Track overall portfolio alignment with Net Zero and the Paris Agreement
    Spot the top/ worst contributors to engage with them and adjust portfolios accordingly
  • Easily report on your progress at the end of the year with accurate data
  • Screen companies based on their Net Zero alignment
  • Prepare stakeholder engagement strategies based on comprehensive Net Zero dataset

TCFD: Assess the Alignment of Your Portfolio

Clarity AI's proprietary TCFD module leverages CDP data to assess implementation of the 11 TCFD recommendations in your portfolios to support your engagement and investment decisions

Score range component

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