Webinar: Integrating Sustainability into the Client Investment Experience

ESG Impact March 30, 2023 Lydia Pinnell, Roman Vital (Rahn+Bodmer)

Integrating sustainability into a client’s investment experience, in a way that your advisors and client’s value and understand, could be a key step in strengthening the client relationship but how can you start this process? In this webinar, industry experts will walk you step-by-step through the process of integrating sustainability preferences during the client personalization process.

Additionally, a variety of “pathways” are presented, which may help you integrate sustainability into your client interactions. Whether your client’s preferences align with impact or risk or any other sustainability topic we can show you how to leverage advanced technology to help efficiently and accurately align their needs with their broader investment strategy.

Speakers: Lydia Pinnell, Head of Wealth Strategy at Clarity AI, and Roman Vital, ESG Project Manager at Rahn+Bodmer.

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