Easy SFDR Compliance: Generate Your Entity-Level Report in 2 Minutes

Product Updates February 13, 2023

The entity-level report reflects how portfolios performed in 2022 against the Principal Adverse Impact indicators (PAIs) 

As the SFDR Level 2 requirements entered in force earlier this year, financial markets participants are required to submit an entity-level PAI report before June 2023. The template, included in Annex 1 of the regulation, shows how the investment universe performs against the Principal Adverse Impact indicators. The reference period for this first report is 2022, and the regulation stipulates that the annual calculations must be made on the basis of four quarterly snapshots.

In an effort to simplify the process and streamline compliance, we have built a new functionality to automatically generate a pre filled template in just three steps.

Your SFDR Annex 1 Template, in 3 Clicks

Keeping pace of the regulations and reporting the right data in the right format can be overwhelming. However, technology can significantly reduce this friction. The new feature developed by Clarity AI allows users to select four different investment universes, one per quarter. They will then be able to see how their investments were performing against the PAIs at each point in time. This information helps make better and more informed decisions about the entity’s assets, to build more sustainable portfolios and satisfy the regulatory requirements.

Clarity AI’s SFDR solutions have been built from the ground up to exactly match the expectations of the authorities, with whom we regularly engage to make sure our methodology reflects the latest regulatory developments.

Contact us to explore the various ways clients are using our SFDR solutions and request a demo to learn how Clarity AI can support your organization.

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