Using ESG Scores to Evaluate Sustainability-related Political Promises

Climate April 29, 2022 Andrés Olivares, Henry (Chun-Yu) Lin

Calculating country ESG scores using Clarity AI’s Impact Framework

Clarity AI’s ESG Impact Score measures how a company’s operations affect our environment and society. A company’s score is calculated by aggregating its impact on the environmental, social and governance challenges that society faces, and comparing it to the impacts of all other companies in the Clarity AI universe.

This week, we were reflecting on French President Emmanuel Macron’s reelection, and a piece of his platform was around climate action including vows around making France a “great ecological nation.”

When using a country’s respective major stock index as a proxy, France scores well against other large-GDP European nations as well as against the European region in Clarity AI’s ESG Impact framework. In order to deliver on his campaign promises to make France a “great ecological nation,” newly re-elected President Macron will need to bring together government and businesses (including those within the CAC40) to lead the way towards a climate-resilient, zero-carbon economy.

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