Webinar: Are the UN SDGs a Blueprint for True Sustainable Investing?

UN SDGs March 27, 2024 Lorenzo Saà and Austin Ritzel (Clarity AI)

Webinar series with CFA Institute: Three Big Challenges at the Heart of Sustainable Investing

In the third of three webinars in this series, the viability of UN SDGs as a blueprint for truly sustainable investing is discussed. What are the benefits (and urgency) of using the UN SDGs as a sustainable investment framework? How are they currently being used by financial market participants?

In this webinar, Lorenzo Saà, Chief Sustainability Officer at Clarity AI, and Austin Ritzel, Impact Product Specialist at Clarity AI discuss the opportunities and challenges for asset managers when implementing this framework and the role of technology in executing investment strategies and improving stakeholder communication.

Moderated by David Von Eiff, Director of Global Industry Standards at CFA Institute.

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