Boards of Directors Worldwide Are Still Heavily Skewed Towards Having a High Percentage of Male Members

Gender Equality June 7, 2022 Andrés Olivares, Henry (Chun-Yu) Lin

Data from ESG reporting tool shows severe lack of gender diversity on corporate boards

In the corporate world of publicly traded companies, Boards of Directors have traditionally had a much higher percentage of male members vs. female members. 

There has been increased focus on ensuring better gender diversity on Boards over the past few decades. However, our data tells us that there is more work to be done on this front. Worldwide, more than 17% of Boards still have no female members at all, and only 4.1% are made up of 50% or more women. 


The percentages indicating this unbalanced situation are true in both developed and emerging markets, with the latter having more work to do to increase gender diversity on Boards. More than a quarter of Boards in emerging markets have no women on them, and more than 75% have a membership with fewer than 25% women.

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