Overcoming Regulatory Confusion: A Study of EU, UK and US Sustainable Investment Fund Frameworks

Regulatory Compliance May 17, 2023 Patricia Pina, Tom Willman, Renato Coelho, Bruna Correa, Lucia Vega-Penichet

96% of “Sustainable” funds would need to be restructured to sell across the EU, UK and US

Across the globe, consensus is growing as to the urgent need to transition to a more sustainable economy. As a result, governments and regulators have been busy designing their respective regulatory regimes to ensure that capital can flow efficiently to sustainable companies and projects.

In practice, we see that investors are having trouble complying with even one regulation. Our analysis found that a staggering 85% of funds with “Sustainability” in their name would not comply with at least one regulation. Out of those that do comply, only 4% can comply across all three regimes.

Download the whitepaper to:

  • Gain a better understanding of the regulatory proposal across the EU, UK and US
  • Examine the findings around a lack of regulatory compliance across regimes
  • Explore the potential concerns around market participants creating sub-optimal products to fit regulatory regimes
  • Learn how we can address this cross-border misalignment with technology

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