Webinar: How Can Investors Effectively Tackle Biodiversity?

Biodiversity June 21, 2023

Biodiversity-themed funds have gained nearly $1 billion in assets this year, indicating the growing recognition of the financial industry’s role in mitigating biodiversity risks.

So what exactly does “biodiversity” encompass and what is the goal of this renewed global focus? How does that affect the investment community?

In partnership with GIST Impact we are thrilled to leverage their 15 years experience in biodiversity and impact metrics as we highlight the current biodiversity landscape through a data and disclosure lens.

In this webinar, CEO of GIST Impact, Pavan Sukhdev, and Clarity AI’s VP of Product, Ángel Agudo, discuss:

– An introduction to biodiversity, key concepts and methodologies (MSA vs PDF)

– Complying with TNFD and Article 29 reporting

– The challenges investors have in tracking their biodiversity footprint

– How to leverage technology and data to support efforts that have a positive impact on ecosystems

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