Climate September 15, 2023 Andres Olivares, Berenice Altobello

1 in 5 companies have disparities between CDP GHG emissions reporting and their Sustainability Reports

Roughly 20% of instances showed significant variations of over a 50% difference in their values As the world transitions to a low-carbon economy, investors are recognizing the need to incorporate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors into their investment decisions. One of the most pressing ESG issues is climate change, and ...

Climate August 16, 2023 Pablo Diaz-Varela Pena, Luis Sanguineti

Only 1.5% of Global Investment Funds Are Aligned with a 1.5ºC Scenario and None Are Aligned when Scope 3 is Considered

There is a transition to a lower temperature but assets are still not aligned with Paris Agreement The Paris Agreement, adopted in 2015, is an international treaty under the UNFCCC to combat climate change. It aims to limit global temperature rise to below 2º C and strives for 1.5º C. The agreement outlines actions for […]

Climate, EU Taxonomy, Regulatory Compliance April 18, 2023 Luis Angolotti

The Fossil Gas Debate Turns to the Courts: Alignment under the EU Taxonomy

The Step Towards Banning EU labelling of fossil gas as ‘sustainable’ in the EU Taxonomy. In January of this year, fossil gas electricity generation was included in the EU Taxonomy as one of many activities that could potentially be considered green if they met certain technical criteria. As we anticipated, utility companies are facing...

AI, Climate, Webinars February 24, 2023 Jean Charles Prabonneau, Grace Brennan, Stephan Freelink (Finner)

Webinar: How Can Advanced Technology Help Source Scope 3 Data

Because Scope 3 emissions happen outside of a company's direct control, it is harder to access exhaustive and reliable data. However accounting for these carbon emissions is paramount to fighting climate change. In this webinar, experts from Clarity AI and Finner look at the gaps and questions that still persist on how to measure Scope 3 ...

Climate, Consumers September 19, 2022 Rebeca Minguela, CEO and Founder, Clarity AI

Patagonia Can’t Save the Planet. Fast-fashion – and You – Could

This week, Yvon Chouinard – the Chairman of Patagonia – announced that he will be donating the entire company, worth $3 billion, to fight climate change. Social networks were on fire sharing the news and supporting Chouinard – CEOs, fashion models, and millions of consumers. Simply put, the story went viral. Another viral story from...

Climate June 7, 2022 Andrés Olivares, Henry (Chun-Yu) Lin

Direct Air Capture (DAC) Programs Are Only a (Small) Part of the Carbon Emissions Solution

Carbon capture technology will not fulfill US environmental objective Direct air capture (DAC) technologies extract CO2 directly from the atmosphere. The CO2 can be permanently stored in deep geological formations (thereby achieving negative emissions or carbon removal) or it can be used, for example in food processing or combined with hy...