EU Taxonomy, Regulatory Compliance, Whitepapers December 5, 2023 CDP and Clarity AI

Stronger together: Exploring the EU Taxonomy as a Tool for Transition Planning

CDP and Clarity AI analyze how the EU Taxonomy KPIs relate to the real economy transition In 2023, the full disclosure of EU Taxonomy metrics in annual reports became mandatory for companies subject to the EU’s Non-Financial Reporting Directive (NFRD). Europe was the first region to make taxonomy disclosures mandatory for over 2,000 com...

EU Taxonomy, Regulatory Compliance November 10, 2023 Gabriele Rossi

Singapore vs EU: Color-Coded Alignment Adds Complexity to the Interoperability of Global Sustainability Taxonomies

A sustainable taxonomy is a framework used to identify and classify economic activities based on their sustainability attributes Often recognized as a gold standard in this domain, the European Taxonomy is considered an example of taxonomy development. Its prominence has not only piqued the interest of investors keen on understanding thei...

Sustainable Investing
EU Taxonomy, Regulatory Compliance May 19, 2023 Oscar Gomez Fontana

EU Taxonomy Reporting: First look at the 2022 reported alignment of 400 European companies

The numbers are in! Companies are taking the EU Taxonomy regulation seriously and are actively working to align with it. As the world becomes increasingly aware of the impact of climate change, companies in the European Union are under more pressure than ever to align their practices with the EU Taxonomy regulation. This regulation aims [...

Climate, EU Taxonomy, Regulatory Compliance April 18, 2023 Luis Angolotti

The Fossil Gas Debate Turns to the Courts: Alignment under the EU Taxonomy

The Step Towards Banning EU labelling of fossil gas as ‘sustainable’ in the EU Taxonomy. In January of this year, fossil gas electricity generation was included in the EU Taxonomy as one of many activities that could potentially be considered green if they met certain technical criteria. As we anticipated, utility companies are facing...

EU Taxonomy, Regulatory Compliance January 30, 2023 Renato Coelho, Ani Widham

Only 14% of Article 9 Funds with an EU Taxonomy objective report on EU Taxonomy alignment

Clarity AI reviewed EETs from 356 Article 9 funds that have provided periodic reporting data in their EETs since October 2022. Out of those funds, 57 report having an EU Taxonomy Alignment objective that is greater than 0, but only 14%, are actually reporting what their EU Taxonomy Alignment value is. Therefore 86% of funds […]

EU Taxonomy, Regulatory Compliance October 19, 2022 Oscar Gomez Fontana, Luis Angolotti, Patricia Pina

EU Taxonomy Reporting: The Leaders and the Laggards

On January 1st, 2022, the EU Taxonomy entered into force, requiring companies under the Non-Financial Reporting Directive (NFRD) to disclose, over the course of 2022, the percentage of their activities that are eligible for the EU Taxonomy under the objectives of Climate Change Mitigation or Climate Change Adaptation. The regulation envis...