Webinar: Power in Synergy: Exploring the EU Taxonomy as a Tool for Transition Planning

EU Taxonomy November 30, 2023 CDP and Clarity AI

In 2023, financial markets accessed EU Taxonomy alignment disclosures for the first time, introducing unprecedented granularity in reported sustainability data.

In this webinar, hosted by Clarity AI and CDP, we unveiled a joint report exploring the alignment of European companies’ revenues to the EU Taxonomy objectives of climate change adaptation and mitigation. The first to use CDP data to analyze how the EU Taxonomy KPIs relate to the real economy transition, this report explores how Taxonomy eligibility and alignment are related to companies’ greenhouse gas emissions and emission reduction targets.

Watch the replay to gain valuable insights from industry leaders and financial professionals into the complexities of EU Taxonomy alignment and its impact on the financial markets.


Maxfield Weiss, Executive Director, CDP Europe
Hélène Procoudine-Gorsky, Capital Markets and Policy Officer, CDP
Luis Angolotti, Product Research & Innovation Manager, Clarity AI
Nicola Kimm, Chief Sustainability Officer, Heidelberg Materials
Ashley Tucker, VP Sustainable Finance, ING
Carolin Horn, Associate Sustainable Finance, ING

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