EU Taxonomy Reporting: Assessing Progress and Charting the Path Forward

EU Taxonomy October 27, 2023 EY and Clarity AI

Access the paper to delve into EU Taxonomy data reported by over 1,400 companies, and to grasp some of the implications of the regulatory framework

Evaluating the intricacies of the EU Taxonomy reporting exercise requires a thoughtful analysis that goes beyond the numbers. It needs a deeper understanding of the context in which these companies generate this information and how it is used by investment firms to inform their capital allocation decisions.

To achieve this goal, EY Spain and Clarity AI have collaborated to analyze data from 1,423 European companies, of which 71 are Spanish entities, regarding their taxonomy’s eligibility and alignment requirements in 2023.

Three key measurement indicators are used, namely revenue, capital expenditures (CaPex), and operating expenses (OpEx). The report, available for download, includes a breakdown of these findings, along with a comparative analysis of Spanish and other European companies.

Download the paper to gain insights into the following:

  • The WHY: The taxonomy’s primary aim is to facilitate the redirection of 180 trillion euros over the next decade toward reshaping the economic model in favor of sustainability.
  • The WHAT: This taxonomy is designed to identify ways to allocate funds that advance the EU’s six environmental objectives.
  • The HOW: The taxonomy’s calculations consider two critical criteria, eligibility, and alignment, across three indicators: income, CaPex, and OpEx.
  • The WHEN: Learn about the reporting deadlines for public interest entities (PIEs) and companies under the Non-Financial Reporting Directive (NFRD) scope.
  • The RESULTS: Discover detailed data on how the 1,423 companies we analyzed have reported.
  • The FUTURE: Explore the challenges and opportunities on the horizon, from the imperative of effective data management to the potential for a data-driven roadmap to accelerate the European Green Deal’s goals.

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