Webinar: Sustainability Reporting Standards — Convergence or Divergence?

Regulatory Compliance January 29, 2024 Stéphane Janin (AXA Investment Managers), Tom Willman (Clarity AI)

Webinar series with CFA Institute: Three Big Challenges at the Heart of Sustainable Investing

In the first of three webinars in this series, the complexity of reporting standards is discussed. What have we learned from the regulatory developments in 2023 and what are the new requirements for 2024? As more standards arise across the globe, are they becoming more convergent or divergent?

In this webinar, Tom Willman, Regulatory Lead at Clarity AI, and Stéphane Janin, Head of Global Regulatory Developments and Public Affairs at AXA Investment Managers discuss the likely impacts on and outlook for global asset managers.

Moderated by Josina Kamerling, Regulatory Outreach, CFA Institute.

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