Webinar Series: AI Essentials for Sustainable Investing

AI June 26, 2024

A guide to master advanced portfolio construction

Explore how AI-powered techniques can enhance data collection, bridge information gaps, and enable better-informed investment decisions in the rapidly evolving landscape of sustainable investing.

You’ll learn how AI ensures accurate, up-to-date data and mitigates greenwashing risks. Navigate challenges of decision-making amidst vast amounts of data volumes by extracting both qualitative and quantitative data from company reports. Explore the value of alternative datasets, such as news sentiment and satellite imagery, for gaining sustainability insights. Additionally, delve into advanced data visualization and analytics techniques that facilitate efficient decision-making, ensure leading data quality and coverage, flag financially material controversial events, and simplify as well as expedite analysis and regulatory reporting.

Topics covered in this 3-part on-demand webinar series:

  • Part I: Building Foundations
  • Part II: Bridging Data Gaps
  • Part III: Taking Action

An abridged 15-minute overview of our webinar series

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