Overview of the solution

Controversies signals can be applied to a range of investment strategies, helping clients to prevent and mitigate risks related to their portfolio companies’ operations, products and services, business relationships, and investments. Clarity AI defines controversies as conflicts, even if just alleged, between a company and any stakeholder, that break a Global Norm linked to Responsible Business Conduct, such as UNGC, UN Guiding Principles, and the OECD.

Clarity AI’s solution for Controversies retrieves more than 1.4 million news articles daily from sources in 200 countries, to identify companies involved in ESG controversies that might impact their financial performance.

Reliable and objective methodology: The use of technology eliminates analysts biases and increases the volume of the information analyzed. Our sustainability experts validate and supervise models to reduce biases in AI algorithms.

Assessment of the severity: Proprietary NLP algorithms to assign a severity score to each controversy found and help clients in their analysis and decision-making.

Clarity AI’s web app offers different views of the Controversies in which a company is involved. You can access a high level overview with the most recent controversies detected across categories.

The dataset includes:

1.4 million articles processed per day

33,000+ sources (Global News monitoring service and NGO news sources)

200 countries

20,000+ organizations

39 metrics aligned with international frameworks

Data dictionary

Contact us to know more about the metrics available

Main use cases

Identify and analyze controversies at issuer and portfolio level

Build portfolios aligned with mandates and policies, by screening the entire universe

Delivery available through

Web app

Custom API

Datafeed (download also available from the web app)

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