German advisory and asset management firm

Ca. EUR 100 million in AuM


Founded in 1999, Murphy&Spitz offers private and institutional investors individual and independent advice on ethical-ecological investments and the management of their assets. They thrive to have a positive impact on the environment, society and capital markets through sustainable investments and engagement primarily with small and mid caps.

This German firm was looking to partner with a sustainability data analytics provider that could support the execution of their vision, and keep them aligned with the highest standards in sustainability. As an EU investment firm, Murphy&Spitz was also looking for a provider who could support their reporting obligations under the SFDR and the EU Taxonomy.

Only with Clarity AI

  • Broadest coverage

    Market-leading ESG data coverage, including 70,000 companies and 400 national and local governments.

  • Highest data quality

    AI-powered reliability algorithms, including more than 10+ independent quality checks to ensure the reliability of the data, at scale, by identifying and mitigating human errors and reporting mistakes.

  • Sustainability and regulatory expertise

    Global sustainability and data science teams working to develop scientific and evidence-based methodologies, and keep them up to date with the latest developments in the industry.

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“At Murphy&Spitz, we hold ourselves to the highest standards to ensure we stay aligned with our values and beliefs. We found in Clarity AI a like-minded partner, that not only delivers in data quality and coverage, but that also provides our research team with the capabilities to confidently make sustainable investment decisions, and to stay up to date in regulatory reporting”

Sandra Murphy, Head of Communications, Murphy&Spitz

The results

  • Enhanced reporting capabilities

    Automatic generation of ESG and regulatory reports ready to submit to their management companies – ManCos (AM One, Monega and Von der Heydt) as well as regulators in Germany and Luxembourg.

  • Sustainable investment analysis

    Access to a comprehensive universe of ESG metrics for portfolio management and construction, to ensure their Article 8 and 9 funds stay fully compliant with their mandates as well as the SFDR guidelines.

  • Flexibility & Speed of integration

    Implementation in 2 weeks time through a ready-to-use web app, and quick turnaround to increase data coverage.

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