Global independent discretionary investment manager

GBP 725+ million in AuM


TAM Asset Management is an award-winning independent discretionary investment manager in London. They work with financial advisers and intermediaries to provide clients with forward-thinking investment solutions.

TAM was looking to partner with a third-party sustainability data provider to help them track and monitor the ESG performance of their funds, with accurate and reliable data.

Only with Clarity AI

Highest data quality

More than 10+ independent quality checks to ensure the reliability of the data, at scale, by identifying and mitigating human errors and reporting mistakes, through AI-powered algorithms.

Fund look-through capabilities

In-depth analysis of more than 430,000 funds’ constituents to easily fact-check each fund manager, at the most granular level.

Full breadth of analysis

Funds’ assessment across more than 1,000 environmental, social, and governance metrics, to get a comprehensive sustainability profile, benchmark against industry peers, and understand drivers of performance, using corporate controversies, exposures, climate, UN SDGs, and SFDR metrics.

Clarity AI provides TAM with the tools to prove alignment to the sustainability standards that asset managers claim, giving us the evidence to engage with. It is a tool built to combat greenwashing and facilitate continual improvement towards the industry’s sustainability goals”

Daniel Babington, Portfolio Manager, TAM Asset Management

The results

Superior fund analysis

Reduce the risk of greenwashing for fund managers, ensuring sustainability profiles are accurate

Improved efficiency in reporting

Automatic generation of customized ESG reports to efficiently communicate with clients

Stronger ESG positioning

High reliability of the information used publicly to market financial products, reducing business risks associated with public scrutiny

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