German independent model portfolio provider

EUR 30 million in AuM

Soehnholz ESG GmbH is a German pioneer of science-based sustainability-first ETF and equity portfolios. They have been working with ESG data since its creation in 2016, utilizing large established data vendors as well as smaller, newer approaches/vendors.

Soehnholz ESG was looking for an ESG-ratings provider with very broad company coverage, up-to-date data, and best-in-universe scores for their sustainable model portfolios and ETF selection. The company was especially attracted to Clarity AI’s broad coverage, best-in-universe scores, and granular data.

Only with Clarity AI's ESG Analysis Solution

Market-leading coverage across metrics in one single place

2-13x the coverage of other providers. All required E, S, G, and SDG-data as well as controversies from a single platform

Custom evaluation schemes

Best-in-universe scores and customization capabilities based on the client’s internal methodology, e.g. how to handle missing data

Data Transparency

All data is fully granular, which allows for a better understanding of each E, S and G-scoring down to information about data sources

Clarity AI allows us to create small- and midcap SDG-focused portfolios which significantly differ from portfolios based on data from other sustainability data providers. Also, with Clarity AI data we can select sustainable ETFs based on provider-independent best-in-universe scores.” 

Dirk Soehnholz, CEO of Soehnholz ESG GmbH
Clarity web app shown on a computer screen

The results

Reliable, high-quality data

AI reliability algorithms are implemented for high-quality data, complemented with direct data from companies

Seamless integration into workflow

1-click portfolio upload to receive immediate evaluation

Superior customer service

Support from Clarity AI’s Success team to ensure a clear understanding of the methodologies and data in a timely manner

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