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300+ billion USD in AUM

One of the largest asset managers in the Nordics, was looking for a solution to aid in compliance reporting for both SFDR and the EU Taxonomy Regulation. They required the highest level of data coverage and reliability, in addition to superior regulatory expertise.

As a reference player in Europe and a leader in sustainability practices, our client was seeking a solution to facilitate and ensure complete compliance with both regulations. For SFDR, the key deliverable was to report on the Principal Adverse Impact indicators of funds, and included a set of mandatory sustainability indicators as well as several voluntary indicators.

Sustainability data is still fragmented, non-standardized and unreliable, and there are often conflicting data points for the same metric, depending on the provider or source. Our client needed a partner to provide data of the highest quality with extremely broad coverage to meet their position in the market as a leader in sustainable investing.

For the EU Taxonomy, the desired solution would need to offer the greatest accuracy and granularity, as well as an expert-level understanding of the intricacies of the regulation — the complexity of which can be quite confusing and therefore, easily produce misleading and inaccurate analysis and reporting.

Only with Clarity AI's ESG Reporting Software


>2M data points to detect violations of UNGC/OECD rules that manual solutions overlook


Dedicated EU Regulation products  with tailored metrics for full regulation alignment


AI reliability algorithms for high quality data, complemented with direct data from corporates

Successfully complying with SFDR and the EU Taxonomy Regulation is absolutely essential to us – as is having the best range of data available for our internal ESG analysis. Hence, ensuring that our SFDR disclosures and Principal Adverse Impact approach leverage the most reliable data in the market, and that our EU Taxonomy reporting offers the highest granularity and accuracy, is paramount for a sustainability leader”

Head of Responsible Investments, Top European Asset Manager

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The results

Increased Scale

5x increase on reported data coverage for specific PAIs, e.g: carbon emissions and energy use

Easy Reporting

Access to a online report in one click to directly comply with regulators for SFDR

Broadest Coverage

For EU Taxonomy: Coverage of more than 72,500 companies across 166 sub-industries

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