Dutch Health Insurer
EUR 2.8 billion in AUM

Aligning a vision of Impact with reporting obligations

As one of the biggest health insurers in the Netherlands, with approximately 3.8 million citizens insured, CZ strives to have a positive impact on society. This includes all aspects of ESG (environment, society, governance), in which CZ focuses on four United Nations sustainable development goals (SDG’s), no poverty (1), good health and well-being(3), decent work and economic growth (8), and climate action (13).

CZ Group was looking to partner with an ESG data provider that could support the execution of their vision, and keep them aligned with the highest standards in sustainability. As an EU insurance organization, CZ group was also looking for a provider who could support their reporting obligations as well.

Only with Our ESG Data

  • 01

    Full Data Transparency

    Clear information on methodologies used and the sources of all data sets and points

  • 02

    UN SDG Data Expertise

    Measure your contribution to specific targets and goals and create customized UN SDG insights, comparing with international benchmarks

  • 03

    Reliable Regulatory Capabilities

    Tech-based reporting tools to ensure compliance with relevant regulatory frameworks

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At CZ Group, we do our best to meet our standards and make an impact on society. We have established strict policies and want to stay in line with our values and beliefs. Manaos was quick to respond to our urgent needs with their breadth of ESG solutions. We selected Clarity AI as a result of them – providing quality data, supporting our investment team in gathering the necessary data, and helping us stay up to date with mandatory reporting. For this, they have developed a user-friendly dashboard, which makes accessing data easy and they are very accessible when we have questions.

Dutch Health Insurer

The results

  • Sustainable Investment Analysis

    Access to a comprehensive universe of ESG and Climate metrics for portfolio management and construction, to ensure the portfolio is aligned with their sustainable investment goals such as net-zero targets.

  • Challenging Investment Managers

    Through the wide variety of ESG metrics, CZ group is able to challenge ESG reports of investment managers. This creates an opportunity to enter into discussions with investment managers about their ESG policies in order to improve them.

  • Enhanced Reporting Capabilities

    Using data from Clarity AI, accessible both within the Clarity AI WebApp and the Manaos platform, CZ group is capable to stay compliant with the reporting obligations such as under the EU Taxonomy and the SFDR.

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