Overview of the solution

Clarity AI’s solution measures the alignment of a company across the SDGs, in a way that enables comparison across companies and goals. The methodology includes 4 steps, and starts with a deep understanding of the indicators and by identifying the issues to which companies can contribute the most. This solution measures how aligned a company’s products and services are to different UN SDGs, so that investors can accelerate the allocation of capital to companies and projects that are positively contributing to society and the planet.

A holistic approach to products and services: Industries are analyzed on both direct and supply chain contribution to the goals where all relevant product and services are accounted for.

Target setting to improve management and measurement of contribution to UN SDGs: The tool allows for customization of the interface to show the topics that are most pertinent to the client’s objectives.

A high level and granular analysis, to address any stakeholder need: Assessment of alignment at portfolio or company level, and for just one Goal or at an aggregated level.

Clarity AI’s web app solution for SDGs provides clients with a streamline visualization of the impact of their investments, both at portfolio or at company level

The dataset includes:

40,000+ organizations

169 sub-industries

98% of major indices like S&P 500 Index

2,000+ business lines analyzed

Data dictionary

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Main use cases

Analysis at issuer and portfolio level

Build and optimize portfolios

Build thematic funds

Generate reports for stakeholders

Delivery available through

Web app

Custom API

API into third-party platforms


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