Overview of the solution

Clarity AI data, metrics and capabilities allow clients to report and analyze SFDR Principal Adverse Impacts (PAIs) at both the portfolio and organization level. The solution is built to streamline the reporting process end-to-end.

Market-leading coverage, with up to 13 times more than other providers: Clarity AI’s breadth of coverage allows for a more rigorous and accurate analysis and can help fill in the gaps in key metrics and PAIs.

Most sophisticated methodology, built from the ground up: Each PAI is built using a specific calculation in accordance with the regulator’s exact definitions. We do not recycle other metrics or retrofit the data.

Analysis and reporting leading capabilities: Multi-asset and look-through capabilities to 390,000+ funds and ETFs, with access to underlying calculations for stronger decision-making and confidence in compliance. Reports are automatically generated with 100% of mandatory PAIs, using the official templates, in just 3-clicks.

The capabilities of the web app allow users to generate the entity-level report in 3 clicks, in the exact format requested by the European Commission.

The dataset includes:

60,000+ companies, including subsidiaries

390,000+ funds

400 governments (e.g. >98% of the MSCI ACWI)

Comprehensive coverage for 46 PAIs (all mandatory applicable to companies and sovereigns and 30 additional PAIs)

70+ metrics

Data dictionary

Contact us to know more about the metrics available

Main use cases

Report at entity- and product-level

Benchmark against industry peers

Incorporate PAIs to ESG strategy

Generate EET for funds distributors

Portfolio analysis

Delivery available through

Web app

Custom API

API into third-party platforms


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