Overview of the solution

Instead of carrying out analysis on a broad range of potential companies across different sustainability frameworks, portfolio analysts can easily reduce the size of their investable universe by applying filters across multiple sustainability metrics and indicators on a single screen, in minutes.

Filters for 500+ metrics: Across ESG Risk, Climate, Impact SDGs, and Exposures to assess, within minutes, the investable universe.

Quick search capabilities: For any given company, government or fund to view performance against all available metrics.

Comparisons across same sub industry: Peer percentiles are displayed to allow a better understanding of how a given company is positioned compared to its peers in the same sub industry.

Clarity AI’s screener offers a unique view of a broad universe of companies, governments and funds across different sustainability frameworks. Filters allow a customized and seamless user experience.

The dataset includes:

An always expanding coverage of more than 30,000 companies, 400 national and subnational governments, and more than 420,000 funds

Main use cases

Build portfolios

Analyze the investable universe throughout different frameworks on a single screen

Delivery available through

Web app

Custom API

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