Overview of the solution

Clarity AI has developed a solution for retail banks to provide their customers with the footprint of their transactions, as well as merchant insights, sustainability tips and offsetting capabilities. The goal is to raise consumers’ awareness of the sustainability impact of their purchases. The product leverages the highest-quality data, fact-based methodologies, and cutting-edge technology, such as Machine Learning algorithms and Natural Language Processing.

CO2 footprint at transaction-level: Only methodology using merchant-level emissions, beyond industry factors.

Sustainability tips: Personalized lifestyle tips, based on preferences and purchases.

Offsetting options: High-quality footprint compensation projects, personalized for customers.

Award top performing merchants: Sustainability badges across different topics leveraging Clarity AI’s sustainability database and analytics solutions.

Clarity AI’s capabilities and insights directly integrated into apps or websites

The dataset includes:

Coverage of 40,000+ merchants

160+ industries, by country

Company-level reported data & machine learning estimates for Scope 1, 2, & 3 emissions

Data dictionary

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Main use cases

Integrate sustainability insights into retail bank to increase share of wallet, and boost client loyalty and engagement

Improve brand association with sustainability

Delivery available through

Real-time API sets

Asynchronous API sets

Data feeds

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