Overview of the solution

Clarity AI’s Exposure screens allows investors to identify companies that derive revenue from involvement in controversial business activities such as coal-fired power generation, production of controversial weapons, participation in gambling products, or those that violate religious beliefs screening mandates. At fund level, the exposure metric reflects the share of the portfolio holdings that are exposed to each topic.

With the broadest coverage over 45,000 companies this solution is used to manage assets in compliance with specific legislative requirements or to follow values-based investment criteria.

Most comprehensive set of business involvement categories in the market, including direct and indirect involvement: For applying categories, Clarity AI’s methodology recognizes that not all levels of corporate involvement are equally relevant for decision making.

Explainability and data granularity: Evidence supporting business involvement assessments is provided. Data is structured in 5% revenue ranges, representing the minimum and maximum percentages of exposure of the company’s revenue to the subject, the narrowest ranges available in the market.

Customization: Clients can customize the thresholds for which a company will be exposed according to their own preferences.

This solution can be fully integrated into 3rd party platforms either through API integrations, or thanks to the widgets visual solutions.

The dataset includes:

Coverage for 45,000+ global stock issuers and 1 million securities

Exposure flag (Yes/No)

Assessment across 19 subjects and 51 sub-topics

9 revenue thresholds to flag companies based on their exposed derived revenues

Data dictionary

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Main use cases

Build portfolios through negative screening

Monitor portfolios

Report on portfolios

Customize profiles to align with mandates

Delivery available through

Web app

Custom API

API into third-party platforms


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