Overview of the solution

Clarity AI has developed a solution for companies to improve their sustainability performance and connect with a large, trusted network of investors. The product offers ESG/ Sustainability teams a sophisticated but easy-to-use tool to identify strengths and areas of improvement through sustainability insights and benchmarking capabilities against industry peers. It also provides capabilities to update and report their data so investors have a fair representation of where they stand in ESG, with access to Clarity AI’s ESG scores, Controversies, Impact assessment and EU Taxonomy solutions.

Understand sustainability performance: Access to 300+ metrics and indicators, and investor views across ESG Risk, Impact and Regulatory factors (e.g. EU Taxonomy and SFDR).

Comparison against industry peers: Companies can generate tangible insights, highlight key areas of improvement, and see what their competition is reporting.

Monitor reputational risk: Access to Clarity AI’s Controversies solution to keep an eye on controversial incidents in which the company is exposed to.

Keep data up to date and efficiently communicated with investors: Companies can update and provide missing metrics at any time.

Clarity AI’s web app allows companies to easily analyze their sustainability performance across all dimensions (300+ metrics), benchmark metrics against a broad range (30,000+) peers and effectively monitor reputational risks in real-time

The dataset includes:

All Clarity AI’s datasets for different frameworks including ESG Risk (SASB / GRI), Regulations (CSRD, TCFD, EU Tax, SFDR) and Impact (UN SDGs)

ESG risk, Controversies, Climate, Impact (UN SDGs), SFDR, and EU Taxonomy modules

Raw data for 30,000+ companies

Data dictionary

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Main use cases

Assess sustainability performance and benchmark against peers

Report to various stakeholders

Ensure investors have a fair view of the company

Delivery available through

Web app

Custom API

API into third-party platforms


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