Overview of the solution

Clarity AI has developed a solution for consumer platforms, like e-commerce marketplaces or online retailers, to showcase brand and product/service sustainability data, so customers can make more informed purchasing decisions. The product leverages Clarity AI’s high data quality, fact-based methodologies, and cutting-edge technology, such as Machine Learning or Natural Language Processing. It also provides Sustainability and Product teams with the capabilities to track and benchmark product assortments and suppliers, to advance their Sustainability KPIs and goals

Brand insights: Award top performers with badges for specific sustainability topics, with full data transparency and traceability.

CO2 footprint of product and services: Proprietary Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) models that assess the CO2 emissions of products.
  1. Minimum input: The solution uses Natural Language Processing algorithms to extract the data. Clarity AI’s proprietary databases and estimation models fill in the existing data gaps.
  2. Accurate and comparable data: Scientific and granular cradle to grave calculations leveraging Machine Learning imputation models, that is comparable across different brands and product types.

Clarity AI’s capabilities can become powerful insights to drive buying decisions.

The dataset includes:

Coverage of 40,000+ companies, merchants and brands

150+ metrics across a wide variety of sustainability topics (CO2 Emissions Scope 1, 2 and 3; % of women in the board; gender pay; renewable energy usage, etc.)

Data dictionary

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Main use cases

Highlight low emitting products inside a consumer marketplace

Identify and reward most sustainable brands through filters and collections

Track & benchmark sustainability performance (emissions accounting)

Select suppliers and products, based on corporate sustainability policies

Delivery available through

Real-time API sets

Asynchronous API sets

Data feeds

Clarity AI hosted brand websites

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