Webinar: Leveraging a Multi-dimensional Approach to Decarbonize Portfolios and Achieve Net Zero Alignment

Climate September 14, 2023

There are many frameworks that aim to bring together indicators for assessing Net Zero targets. We believe that Net Zero alignment cannot be achieved only by using one metric, but by using a multi-dimensional approach instead, to have a 360 view on what it means to be Net Zero aligned.

Selecting an approach that suits your needs is only step one, then we must understand how a company plans to achieve Net Zero. Understanding an organization’s transition plan can help investors analyze the actions an organization has taken to meet its targets. Undertaking this manually can be an arduous process but technology can add reliability and scale to this effort, which will increase the likelihood of meeting targets, and help enact real-world decarbonization.

In this webinar, our panel of sustainability experts from Clarity AI and the CDP discuss the following:

  • What are the main Net Zero frameworks and what criteria do they include
  • What is the goal of each framework, how do they interact with each other, and how to effectively source Net Zero data
  • How do the various framework criteria support transition planning
  • How can transparency drive real-world decarbonization
  • How technology can support a multi-dimensional approach


  • Nico Fettes, Head of Product Development, CDP
  • Jean Charles Prabonneau, Climate Research Lead, Clarity AI
  • Catarina Barino, Senior Product Manager for Climate Solutions, Clarity AI

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