Only 14% of Article 9 Funds with an EU Taxonomy objective report on EU Taxonomy alignment

EU Taxonomy January 30, 2023 Renato Coelho, Ani Widham

Clarity AI reviewed EETs from 356 Article 9 funds that have provided periodic reporting data in their EETs since October 2022. Out of those funds, 57 report having an EU Taxonomy Alignment objective that is greater than 0, but only 14%, are actually reporting what their EU Taxonomy Alignment value is. Therefore 86% of funds are not reporting their EU Taxonomy alignment as of now.

SFDR level 2 reporting rules are in effect so we are hopeful that this number will increase. Clarity AI receives updated EET data on a daily basis and we will monitor how these figures change throughout 2023.

As for now, wealth managers and investors who are looking to EETs to help match their products to clients’ Taxonomy preferences to comply with Green MiFID regulation have very little directly reported information to work with.

You would not settle for 14% of the financial data you need, sustainability data is no different. Clarity AI has the Taxonomy coverage you need to do your business, even when EETs fall short. 

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