Clarity AI’s Response to Final TNFD Recommendations

Company News September 22, 2023

The TNFD (Taskforce on Nature-Related Financial Disclosures) has just released its final recommendations, marking the start of a common framework for organizations to report on and act upon nature-related dependencies, impacts, risks, and opportunities. The new recommendations are focused on changing the relationship between business and nature from being extractive and short-sighted to one that empowers businesses not only to protect their environment but also to invest in it. 

We are particularly pleased with the addition of disclosing engagement with indigenous people and local communities, which highlights the importance of integrating social aspects into a more comprehensive evaluation of nature. We also embrace the ‘priority locations disclosure,’ which requires an understanding of asset locations and activities in the organization’s direct operations and, if possible, in its upstream and downstream value chains. It is crucial to recognize the importance of combining geospatial data with various data sources to gain a holistic understanding of risk exposures and risk management.

This announcement is a monumental milestone in understanding and measuring nature, but the real challenge starts now. We need unprecedented agility and cooperation to accelerate the adoption of these recommendations and ensure that nature is a key consideration in business decisions.

Clarity AI will continue to collaborate with TNFD to provide industry insights and support the implementation of these recommendations by making data and tools easily accessible to all stakeholders.

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