Access Industry Consensus ESG Risk Scores for Companies, Funds and Portfolios

Visual and easy-to-use proprietary science-based methodologies on Risk informed by international standards (SASB)

  • ESG Risk scores delivered via API or data-feed
  • Four metrics, including high-level scores for ESG and each dimension
  • Seamless API connection to Clarity AI in a fast and secure way



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Clarity AI leverages the scalability, flexibility, security, and innovative features of the AWS Cloud in order to empower its customers to make sustainable decisions.

AWS Customers can now purchase Clarity AI’s powerful capabilities via API on AWS Marketplace.

Manaos and Sentieo powered by Clarity AI and AWS

BNP Paribas Securities Services and its platform Manaos announce a partnership with Clarity AI, a leading sustainability data science and technology company. Manaos users have access to Clarity AI’s vast universe of sustainability data and insights.”

Finextra (March 2021)

By partnering with Clarity AI, we can provide customers with access to the ESG data sources they require and leverage the power of the Sentieo platform to draw out the insights needed to better understand ESG risks and opportunities.”

David Lichtblau, CEO, Sentieo

Why Clarity AI? A powerful core of adaptable cloud tech


Clarity AI is a digital-native firm and can therefore easily adapt to the quick pace of change of technology and of sustainability assessment and reporting requirements.

  • Powerful, scalable AI at the core: Leveraging Machine Learning to analyze >2M data points bi-weekly, perform reliability checks and run estimation models at scale
  • Reliable, transparent and unique data and coverage: 2-3x more than alternatives, including 30,000+ companies, 300,000+ funds, 198 countries, and 188 local governments
  • Scientific- and evidence-based methodologies powered by research & data science expertise: Global team of sustainability and data science experts working to innovate, create, deploy and maintain tools and scores
  • Robust, fully-customizable tech kit: Sophisticated, yet easy — crystal clear scores and access to full bottom-up granularity (data & methodologies)