Overview of the solution

Clarity AI has developed a solution to help investors or investment advisors align their clients’ assets with the values that matter most to them. The solution can be used for portfolio management, asset screening or reporting. Financial advisors are able to deliver a personalized customer experience by connecting their clients’ values and beliefs with their investments.

Curated set of values based on universality, actionability and impact.

Full level of customization: thanks to Different levels of importance (Contribution, Do no harm, Drive change).

Comparative assessment of how funds and securities contribute to different values.

Complements other investment processes such as the suitability test required under MiFID II, which now includes sustainability preferences.

Clarity AI’s solution for Values Alignment can be fully integrated and customized to fit into clients’ existing investment management platforms.

The dataset includes:

Alignment of funds, ETFs, stocks and bonds, at security, portfolio and company level

Breakdown of whether a company Drives change, Contributes to the solution, or Does no harm

345,000 funds covered

Data dictionary

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Main use cases

Wealth Managers

Build a client’s values profile

Integrate values into investment strategies

Manage and monitor portfolio

Create client reports

Asset Managers

Build thematic funds

Report fund alignment across values

Delivery available through

Custom API

API into third-party platforms


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