Overview of the solution

According to the IPCC, global warming has to be limited to an increase of 1.5ºC to guarantee the liveability of planet Earth for most of the global population. Limiting warming to 1.5°C implies reaching net zero greenhouse gas emissions around 2050. Clarity AI’s solution to track alignment to Net Zero enables asset owners and asset managers to set Net Zero commitments and monitor progress based on 5 criteria, in line with the NZIF: Ambition, Targets, Emissions Performance, Disclosure, and Decarbonization Strategy. We also provide a single alignment metric along an alignment maturity scale (Not aligned, Committed to aligning, Aligning, Aligned) for companies and portfolios based on these 5 criteria.

Strategic partnership with CDP: Combines Clarity AI’s advanced technology with the world’s largest self-reported environmental dataset. Includes 100% of CDP targets and approved SBTi targets in the solution.

End-to-end solution: A single dataset that contains one intuitive metric to track alignment with Net Zero, as well as all data points used in calculations.

Measures progression against targets: The only provider in the market to measure progression against carbon reduction targets.

One of the analysis capabilities that Clarity AI’s Net Zero solution offers to asset managers and asset owners is a visualization of the overall portfolio alignment with Net Zero following the Net Zero Investment Framework maturity scale.

The dataset includes:

Coverage of 70,000 companies

CDP dataset of company-reported data

Data dictionary

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Main use cases

Set commitments and targets ahead of signing onto Net Zero initiatives

Meet reporting requirements from initiatives

Manage portfolios to meet targets

Build sustainable products (i.e. Art 9 funds)

Prepare shareholder engagement and investment strategies

Delivery available through

Web app

Custom API

API into third-party platforms


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