Overview of the solution

Clarity AI’s solution for “Green MiFID” addresses the regulatory changes, applicable since August 2022, in which financial advisors, banks and other product distributors must take their clients’ sustainability preferences into consideration when recommending products. The solution synthesizes all reported data and solves for the gaps in reporting for wealth managers to align the largest number of financial instruments with the regulation to best serve their clients.

Market-leading dataset for SFDR (Sustainable Investment and PAIs) and EU Taxonomy, aligned with the regulation. Coverage includes all asset classes used by financial advisors for more than 390,000 funds, as well as equities and fixed income (more than 60,000 companies). Data is sourced from data reported by fund managers (EETs) and our own data.

Transparency in data sources (whether it is reported or estimated) and methodologies for estimating missing data points.

Ready-to-use classification system to match products with client preferences, to solve for time and resources constraints.

Clarity AI’s tech kit can be integrated via API or widgets into third party platforms.

The dataset includes:

Clarity AI proprietary datasets or data reported through EETs for:

EU Taxonomy alignment

Sustainable Investment (SFDR), including a breakdown of the 3 screens mentioned in Article 2(17)

PAIs considerations

SFDR funds classification (Article 6, 8 or 9)

Data dictionary

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Main use cases

Comply with MiFID II

Match client sustainability preferences to financial products

Connect new MiFID II requirements with a value-based investment approach

Delivery available through

Custom API

API into third-party platforms


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