Overview of the solution

Clarity AI has developed its ESG Risk scores to address the industry challenges around ESG data availability, accuracy, and comparability. We offer a transparent and customizable tool that combines more than 100 data sources to provide the most complete reported dataset, uses machine learning models to estimate missing data, and performs reliability checks to ensure the accuracy of the data.

Customization options: Clarity AI allows clients to personalize some of the criteria underlying the calculation of ESG Risk scores for companies through custom scoring profiles. They can decide what sustainability issues they want to consider, their materiality, and the methodology to fill in missing data.Clients can choose to compare against all companies or against those in the same sub-industry (including 169 sub-industries based on the GICS-4 classification).

Industry-consensus scores: Leverages common score-building methodologies, combined with sustainability issues materiality as defined by the Sustainability Account Standards Board (SASB) and other industry references.

Not a black box: Full transparency for every metric down to the report source, estimation model or news article.

Clarity AI’s ESG Risk solution for web app provides full transparency at organization, security or portfolio level, with data granularity and access to the raw data to cover all use cases.

The dataset includes:

Coverage of equity, fixed income, including 30,000+ companies and 390,000+ funds

100+ metrics

Scores and peer percentile for every sustainability metric, and every subcategory, category, pillar and total aggregated score

Data dictionary

Contact us to know more about the metrics available

Main use cases

Analyze ESG performance at issuer and portfolio level

Benchmark at issuer and portfolio level against industry peers

Report on ESG performance

Implement sustainability policies

Build portfolios

Delivery available through

Web app

Custom API

API into third-party platforms


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