Data Coverage, Whitepapers November 18, 2022 Patricia Pina, Ron Potok, Ignacio Tamarit, Bruna Correa

How Advanced Technology Can Increase Data Reliability

Sustainability Data There are somewhere between 40-45,000 publicly listed companies in the world, according to the World Bank, and their direct emissions (Scope 1) account for between 20- 25% of the world’s GHG emissions. Only about 17% of those publicly listed companies report their direct emissions – thatʼs only 6,500 companies wor...

Exclusive Green Funds
Regulatory Compliance, Whitepapers March 17, 2022 Patricia Pina, Rodolphe Bocquet, Carmen Boulet, Luis Angolotti, Javier Rodriguez

EU Taxonomy: Using Tech to Analyze “Green” Fund Performance

Overcoming EU Taxonomy reporting challenges with a data science approach In today’s sustainable investment markets, a growing cadre of emerging finance taxonomies aim to clarify what it means to be sustainable. As a common classification system for sustainable economic activities, the EU taxonomy is a pioneer in the field and will be in...