Regulatory Compliance, Webinars May 17, 2023 Tom Willman, Renato Coelho

WEBINAR – Overcoming Regulatory Confusion: Understanding Sustainable Investment Fund Frameworks

Regulators have been busy designing their respective regulatory regimes to ensure that capital can flow efficiently to sustainable companies. That objective is extremely complex even more difficult when we take into account that many investors have global interests and therefore will be impacted by multiple regimes. In practice, we see t...

AI, Climate, Webinars February 24, 2023 Jean Charles Prabonneau, Grace Brennan, Stephan Freelink (Finner)

Webinar: How Can Advanced Technology Help Source Scope 3 Data

Because Scope 3 emissions happen outside of a company's direct control, it is harder to access exhaustive and reliable data. However accounting for these carbon emissions is paramount to fighting climate change. In this webinar, experts from Clarity AI and Finner look at the gaps and questions that still persist on how to measure Scope 3 ...

Regulatory Compliance, Webinars January 19, 2023 James Alexander (UKSIF), Chris Dodwell (Impax AM), Thomas Willman and Johanna Conil-Lacoste (Clarity AI)

SDR: How Can the UK Build an Effective Regulatory Framework?

The UK has a unique opportunity to build a robust regulatory framework, in light of the SFDR already implemented in the EU. Experts from UKSIF, Impax AM and Clarity AI discuss the market expectations on the Sustainability Disclosure Requirements (SDR), and how it compares to the current sustainable finance regulations in place.