Webinar: How Can Advanced Technology Help Source Scope 3 Data

AI February 24, 2023 Jean Charles Prabonneau, Grace Brennan, Stephan Freelink (Finner)

Scope 3 emissions (those that result from activities in a company’s value chain that are not directly performed through its own operations) account for 80% of total carbon emissions, yet have not historically been a priority in the current conversations around sustainability data. Because these emissions happen outside of their direct control, it is harder for companies to access exhaustive and reliable data. Informing investment decisions with accurate, reliable data is paramount to fighting climate change. But still, questions and gaps persist on how to measure Scope 3 emissions. One way of doing this is by leveraging advanced modeling capabilities and being fully transparent in how these emissions are calculated.

In this webinar, our panel of sustainability experts discussed the following:

– What are Scope 3 emissions?
– Why should Scope 3 be a point of concern for investors
– How does Scope 3 fit into the current regulatory environment?
– Decoding the relationship between Scope 3 and Net Zero
– Uncovering there gaps in Scope 3 emissions data
– How can AI fill the gaps through estimation models

Speakers: Grace Brennan, Climate Product Specialist, and Jean Charles Prabonneau, Climate Research Lead at Clarity AI and Stephan Freelink, Founder & CEO at Finner.

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