Webinar: Assessing the Effectiveness of the EU Taxonomy

EU Taxonomy July 12, 2023 BBVA, CDP and Clarity AI

Charting the Path Ahead for Sustainable Capital Allocation

The EU Taxonomy has emerged as a pivotal instrument for promoting sustainable finance and environmental objectives within the European Union. Since its implementation in January 2022, investors have been navigating constant changes in methodologies and new additions to the framework. As of January 2024, new requirements will come into effect, making it crucial for investors and companies to anticipate and adapt to the evolving landscape. This webinar equips participants with the knowledge and strategies needed to effectively comply with the EU Taxonomy requirements, improve alignment, identify revenue opportunities, and mitigate reputational risk.

With this webinar you will:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the role and significance of the EU Taxonomy, and its interconnections with other key regulations such as CSRD, MiFID II, or SFDR.
  • Navigate compliance requirements for financial market participants and companies, both current and upcoming.
  • Examine the limitations of the EU Taxonomy, such as interoperability with other emerging taxonomies or the importance of shaping a holistic approach that incorporates social challenges.
  • Explore actionable strategies to enhance EU Taxonomy assessment within your organization, including the integration of green bonds and the use of technology to increase overall efficiency and accuracy.


Hélène Procoudine-Gorsky, Member of the EU Platform on Sustainable Finance, and Senior Capital Markets and Policy Officer at CDP
Susana Vega, Responsible for Environmental Standards at BBVA
Tom Willman, Senior Product Researcher at Clarity AI

Moderated by: Alice Borgonovo, Senior Product Specialist at Clarity AI

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