A Reliable and Automated Solution to Achieve Net Zero

Understand Net Zero alignment at company and portfolio levels

  • 100% coverage of CDP and approved SBTi Targets
  • Strategic partner of the CDP. Leveraging Clarity A’s advanced technology with the world’s largest self-reported environmental dataset, to offer the only end to end solution that streamlines Net Zero progress
  • Measure progress against targets. The only provider in the market to measure progression against carbon reduction targets, not just company reported targets alone
  • Enables creation of sustainable products. Increase assets under management by creating Net Zero aligned Article 9 funds
  • Fully automated solution. One single metric to keep track of progress, with a one-stop-shop for all data points used in calculations


Net Zero Decoded

The Need


Maintain a 1.5ºC temperature

The Goal


3x current investment by the end of the decade

The Strategy


Sector-wide coalitions and alliances to accelerate progress

Assess your portfolio's alignment on 5 criteria

Based on the IIGCC's Net Zero Investment Framework

The 5 criteria assessed are: Ambition, Targets, Emissions Performance, Disclosure, and Decarbonization Strategy

Throughout the maturity scale that goes from:

Not aligned: Companies that don’t comply with the other criteria

Committed to aligning: Companies with the ambition to go Net Zero by 2050

Aligning: Companies with Net Zero aligned targets, full disclosure of material emissions, and a low-carbon plan in place (only applicable to high-impact companies)

Aligned: Companies with a Net Zero by 2050 ambition (only applicable to high-impact companies), Net Zero aligned targets, Progress is on track (emissions performance), full disclosure of material emissions, and a low-carbon plan in place (only applicable to high-impact companies)

Achieving Net Zero: We found no evidence of listed companies currently meeting the necessary criteria to be achieving Net Zero

See the details in the table below.

Integrate Clarity AI's Solution into your Investment Strategy

Different use cases for every need

  • Set initial targets based on the current alignment of your portfolio.
  • Monitor your portfolio and track overall portfolio alignment with Net Zero and spot the top/ worst contributors to engage with them and adjust portfolio accordingly.
  • Easily report on your progress at the end of the year with accurate data
  • Screen companies based on their Net Zero alignment
  • Prepare stakeholders engagement strategies based on a comprehensive Net Zero dataset

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