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Easy-to-integrate Sustainability reporting tools and inclusion of your client's preferences with a customizable framework

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Meeting your needs with Clarity AI


Are you integrating ESG into your asset allocation models?


The most comprehensive & granular ESG Risk solution available which fully incorporates house views

Are your clients asking for you to explain how sustainable their portfolios are?


Offer them simple, intuitive portfolio impact highlights from Clarity that can be easily integrated into any client reporting schema

Does integrating new tools into your daily workflow usually create IT headaches?


Seamlessly integrate with our API connection and Web based widgets

Case study


One of the largest asset managers in the Nordics, sought a solution to comply with both SFDR and the EU Taxonomy Regulation. They required the highest level of data reliability and greatest regulatory expertise.

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Successfully complying with SFDR and the EU Taxonomy Regulation is absolutely essential to us – as is having the best range of data available for our internal ESG analysis. Hence, ensuring that our SFDR disclosures and Principal Adverse Impact approach leverage the most reliable data in the market, and that our EU Taxonomy reporting offers the highest granularity and accuracy, is paramount for a sustainability leader”

Head of Responsible Investments
Top European Asset Manager

The what


Largest Coverage

3x more than alternative providers

Best quality data on multi asset platform

Cleaned dataset leveraging 65+ data sources.
Machine Learning reliability algorithms



Proprietary science based methodologies on Risk, Impact and Regulatory modules

Develop your own view

Customization of methodologies


Plug & Play

Predesigned Widgets or API connection

Intuitive reporting

Automated portfolio level customizable reporting

The how

Big Data and Machine Learning Algorithms & Technology

Deep Expertise on Impact & Sustainability

Cloud-Based & Agile Tech Company

What our clients say


"It is incredibly easy to report to clients and provide comfort around data quality through Clarity AI’s data aggregation, reliability and estimation algorithms"

"We were able to easily develop our own custom methodology, responding to the Group’s needs. Once created, integration with all Group stakeholders was a matter of days"

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